1 Definitions of Orthopteran

The meaning of the word orthopteran, the definition of Orthopteran:

n. - One of the Orthoptera.

The word "orthopteran" uses 11 letters: A E H N O O P R R T T

No direct anagrams for orthopteran found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after orthopteran, or to orthopteran in any order:

i - prototherian   s - orthopterans  

Shorter words found within orthopteran:

ae aeon aero ah an ane another ant ante anther antre ape aper aport apron apt apter ar are arnotto arpen arpent art at ate atone atoner atop att attorn ear earn earth eat eath eh en enrapt enroot entrap eon eoraptor epha ephor er era ern err errant et eta eth etna ha hae haen haet hant hao hap hapten hare harp harper harpoon harpooner hart hat hate hater hatter he heap hear heart heartrot heat hen hent hep her hern hero heron het ho hoar hoe hoer hon hone honer honor honorer hoop hooper hoot hooter hop hope hoper hora horn hornet horrent hot hotpot hotter hr na nae nah nap nape natter ne neap near neat neath neo net netop nett no noh noo nope nor north norther not nota notate note noter nother nth oar oat oaten oater oath oe oh oho on one onto ooh oot op opah ope open opera operant operator operon opt or ora orate orator ore oreo ornate orphan orra ort ortho orthopnea orthopter orthoptera other otorrhea ottar otter otto pa paeon pah pan pane pant panther panto par pare parent pareo parer parr parrot part partner parton pat pate paten patent patentor pater path patron patroon patten patter pattern pe pea pean pear peart peat peh pen pent peon per perron pert pet petto phaeton phat phon phonate phone phoner phono phorate phot photo photon pht poet poh pone pooh poon poor poorer pore porn porno port porta portent porter pot potato potent pother potter potto praetor prao prat prate prater pretor pro proa pronate pronator prone pronota pronto prorate protea protean proto proton protonate rah ran rant ranter rap rape raper raphe rapt raptor rare rat rate rater rath rathe rather rato ratoon ratooner ratten ratter ratton rattoon re reap rear rent rep repo report repot repro reptant reran ret retorn retort retro rhea rhetor rho roan roar roe roneo root rooter rope roper rot rota rotate rotator rote roto rotor rotte rotten rotter ta tae tahr tan tanto tao tap tape taper taproot tar tare tarn taro tarot tarp tarpon tarre tart tarter tat tate tater te tea teapot tear teat ten tenor tent tenth teopan tepa tephra teraph tern terra tet teth tetra thae than thane that the then thenar theta tho thorn thoro thoron thorp thorpe threap threat thro throat throe throne to toe toea ton tone toner too toon toot tooter tooth top tope toper toph tophe tor tora torah tore torero torn toro torot toroth torpor torr torrent tort torte torten tot tote toter tother trap trapt treat trepan tret troat trona trone troop trooper trop trope trot troth

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