1 Definitions of Ostensorium

The meaning of the word ostensorium, the definition of Ostensorium:

n. - Alt. of Ostensory

The word "ostensorium" uses 11 letters: E I M N O O R S S T U

No direct anagrams for ostensorium found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after ostensorium, or to ostensorium in any order:

s - timorousness  

Shorter words found within ostensorium:

em emir emirs emit emits emotion emotions ems emu emus en enorm enormous enosis enroot enroots ens eon eonism eonisms eons eosin eosins er ern erns eros erosion erosions erotism erotisms ers erst es ess essoin estrin estrins estrous estrum estrums estrus et etui etuis euro euros ie in inert inerts inmost inro ins insert inserts inset insets inst insure insures inter inters into intro intros inure inures ion ionomer ionomers ions ire ires iron irone irones irons is ism isms isomer isomers isotone isotones issue issuer it item items iterum its me mei men meno mentor mentors menu menus meou meous merino merinos merit merits meson mesons mesotron mesotrons mess mestino mestinos met metis metro metros mi mien miens min mine miner miners mines minor minors minster minsters mint minter minters mints minuet minuets minus minuses minute minuter minutes mioses mir mire mires miro mirs mis mise miser misers mises miso misos misroute misroutes miss missent misset missort missout mist mister misters mists mistune mistunes misuse misuser mite miter miters mites mitoses mitre mitres mo moire moires moist moisten moistens moister moisture moistures mon monestrous monie monies monist monists monitor monitors mono monos mons monsieur monster monsters monstrous monte montero monteros montes moo moon moonier mooniest moonrise moonrises moons moonset moonsets moor mooriest moors moos moose moot mooter mooters moots mor more mores morion morions morn morns moron morons morose mors morse mort mortise mortises morts mos moss mosser mossier mosso mosstone most moste mosts mot mote motes motion motioner motioners motions motor motorise motorises motors mots moue moues mount mounter mounters mounts mourn mourns mouse mouser mousers mouses mousier mousiest mousse mouton moutons ms mu mun muni munis muns munster munsters muon muons mure murein mureins mures murine murines mus muse muser musers muses muss mussier must muster musters mustier musts mut mute muter mutes mutine mutines muton mutons muts ne neist neo nerts ness nest nestor nestors nests net nets neum neums neurosis nim nims nisus nit nite niter niters nites nitre nitres nitro nitros nitroso nitrous nits nm no noes noesis noir noirs noise noises noisome nom nome nomes nomoi nomos noms noo noose nooser noosers nooses nor nori noris norite norites norm norms nos nose noses nosier nosiest nostrum nostrums not note noter noters notes notum nous nouses nu nurse nurses nus nut nuts nutsier oe oes oestrin oestrins oestrous oestrum oestrums oestrus om omen omens omer omers ominous omit omits oms on one onerous ones onium ons onset onsets onto onus onuses oorie oot oots or ore oreo ores orient orients orison orisons ornis ors ort orts os ose oses osier osiers osmious osmose osmous ossein ostium ostomies otiose our ourie ours oust ouster ousters ousts out outer outers outre outs outsin outsins outsnore outsnores re rei rein reins reis rem remint remints remiss remit remits remotion remotions remount remounts rems rent rents res resin resinous resins resist rest rests ret rets rim rime rimes rimose rimous rims rimu rin rins rinse rinses riot riotous riots rise risen rises risus rite rites roe roes rom romeo romeos roms roneo room roomie roomies roomiest roominess rooms roose rooses roost roosts root roots rose roses roset rosets rosiest rosin rosinous rosins rot rote rotes roti rotis roto rotos rots roue rouen rouens roues rouse rouses roust rousts rout route routes routine routines routs rue rues ruin ruins rum rumen rumens rums run rune runes runs runt runts ruse ruses rusine russet rust rusts rut rutin rutins ruts sei seis seism seisor semi semis sen senior seniors senor senors sens sensor sensorium sensum sent senti sentimo sentimos ser serin serins serious sermon sermons serotinous serous sers serum serums set seton setons setous sets si sieur sieurs sim simoon simoons sims sin sine sines sins sinter sinters sinus sir sire siren sirens sires sirs sis sise sister sistrum sit site sites sits situs smit smite smiter smiters smites smote smut smuts snit snits snoot snootier snoots snore snores snort snorts snot snots snout snoutier snouts so som some somite somites son sone sones sons sonsie sonsier soon sooner sooners soonest soot sootier soots sore sores sorest sori sorites sorn sorns sort sortie sorties sorts sorus sos sot sots sou sour sourest sours sous souse souter souters sr sri sris stein steins stem stems stemson steno stenos stern sterns sternum sternums sties stime stimes stir stirs stone stoner stoners stones stonier store stores stories storm storms stour stoure stoures stourie stours strum strumose strums stum stums stun stuns sue suer suers sues suet suets suint suints suit suite suiter suiters suites suitor suitors suits sum sumo sumos sums sun sunrise sunroom sunrooms sunrose suns sunset sure surest surmise te ten tenor tenors tenour tenours tens tensor tensors tenuis term terminus terms tern terns ti tie tier tiers ties time timeous timer timers times timorous tin tine tines tins tire tires tiro tiros tis tissue tmesis to toe toes tom tome tomes toms ton tone toner toners tones tonier tons tonsure tonsures tonus tonuses too toom toon toons tor tore tores tori tories torn toro toros torose torous tors torse torses torsi torsion torsions torso torsos torus toss tosser tour tourism tourisms tours touse touses tress triens tries trim trimness trims trine trines trio trios triose trioses trismus trisome trisomes triune triunes trois trone trones true trues truism truisms truss tsine tsooris tsores tsoris tsouris tsuris tui tuis tum tumor tumors tun tune tuner tuners tunes tuns turn turns tusser tussor tussore um un unit unite uniter uniters unites units unmet unmiter unmiters unmitre unmitres unmoor unmoors unrest unrests unroot unroots uns unset unsets untie untier unties unto untrim untrims urine urines urinose urn urns ursine us use user users uses ut uteri uts

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