1 Definitions of Overgarment

The meaning of the word overgarment, the definition of Overgarment:

noun.artifact - a garment worn over other garments

The word "overgarment" uses 11 letters: A E E G M N O R R T V

No direct anagrams for overgarment found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after overgarment, or to overgarment in any order:

s - overgarments  

Shorter words found within overgarment:

ae aeon aero ag age agee agene agent ager ago agon agone agree am ameer amen ament among amort an ane anger ant ante antre ar are arere arete argemone argent argon argot arm armer armet armor art arvo at ate atm atom atone atoner ave avenge avenger aver averment avert avo eager eagre ear earn earner eat eaten eater eave eger ego egret em eme emote emoter en enamor enate enema eng engram engrave engraver enorm enrage enter entera eon er era ere erg ergate ergo ergot ern erne err errant et eta etna eve even event ever evert evertor gae gaen gam game gamer gamete gan gane ganev gar garment garner garnet garote garret garron garrote garter gat gate gatemen gator gave gavot gean gear gee gem gemot gemote gen gene genera generator genet geneva genoa genom genome genre genro gent gerent germ german germane germen get geta gm gnar gnarr gnat gnome go goa goat goatee goer gone goner gor gore got govern gram gran grant grantee granter grantor grat grate grater grave graven graver great greaten greater greave gree green greet groan groaner groat grot grove ma mae mag mage magnet magneto magot man mane manege mange manger mango mangrove mano manor mar mare marengo marge margent marron mart marten mat mate mater matron maven me meager meagre mean meaner meant meat meet meg megaton men menage meno menta mentor mere merer merge merger met meta metage mete meteor meter metre metro mg mo moa moan moaner moat mog mon monger montage monte mor mora morae more moreen morgan morgen morn mort mortar mot mote move mover na nae nag nam name namer nave ne near nearer neat neater nee neem negate negater negator negro nema neo nervate nerve net neve never ng nm no nog nom noma nome nor norm not nota note noter nova novae novate oar oat oaten oater oe ogam ogee ogre om omega omen omenta omer omerta on onager one or ora orang orange orate ore organ orgeat ormer ornate orra ort ova ovate oven over overage overarm overate overeat overman overmen overnear overneat overran overrate overt overtame rag rage ragee ragmen ram ramee ramen ramet ran ranee rang range ranger rant ranter rare rat rate rater rato rave raven ravener raver re reagent ream reamer rear rearm reave reaver ree reearn reg regave regear regent regma regna regrant regrate regret rem reman remate remet remora remote remoter remove remover rename renogram renovate rent rente renter reran ret retag rete reteam retear retem retore retorn retro rev revert revet revote roam roamer roan roar roe roger rom roman rot rota rote rove roven rover ta tae tag tam tame tamer tan tang tango tangor tao tar tare targe tarn taro tarre tav tavern taverner te tea team tear tearer tee teem teen teg tegmen ten tenge tenor terga term termer termor tern terne terra terrae terrane to toe toea tog toga togae tom toman tome ton tone tonearm toneme toner tong tonga tonger tor tora tore torn torr tram trave tree treen tremor trona trone trove trover tv vagrom van vane vang var varment vat vee veena veer veg vegan vena venae venerator venge venogram venom venomer vent ventage venter vera verge verger vert vet veteran veto vetoer voe vomer vote voter

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