2 Definitions of Ovipositing

The meaning of the word ovipositing, the definition of Ovipositing:

n. - Alt. of Oviposition

p. pr. & vb. n. - of Oviposit

The word "ovipositing" uses 11 letters: G I I I N O O P S T V

No direct anagrams for ovipositing found in our database.

Shorter words found within ovipositing:

gin gins gip gipon gipons gips gist git gits go goo goon goons goop goops goos gos got ii iii in ingot ingots ins inst inti intis into ion ions is isogon it its iv ng nip nips nisi nit nits no nog nogs noo nos not on ons onto oops oot oots op oping ops opsin opt opting option options opts os oviposit pi pig pigs piing pin ping pingo pingos pings pinot pinots pins pint pinto pintos pints pion pions pis piso piston pit piton pitons pits pivot pivoting pivots poi point points pois poising poison pong pongs pons poon poons posing posit positing position post postin posting pot potion potions pots psi si sign sin sing sip siping sit siting snip snit snog snoop snoot snot so son song soon soot sooting sop sopiting sot spigot spin spinto spit spiting spiv spoon spot sting stingo stoop stooping stop stoping ti tigon tigons tin ting tings tins tip tipi tipis tips tis to tog togs ton tong tongs tons too toon toons top topi toping topis topoi topos tops tv vi vig vigs vii viii vino vinos vis vising vision visit visiting voting

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