1 Definitions of Oxyhydrogen

The meaning of the word oxyhydrogen, the definition of Oxyhydrogen:

a. - Of or pertaining to a mixture of oxygen and hydrogen; as, oxyhydrogen gas.

The word "oxyhydrogen" uses 11 letters: D E G H N O O R X Y Y

No direct anagrams for oxyhydrogen found in our database.

Shorter words found within oxyhydrogen:

de dehorn den deny deoxy dex dexy dey dg do doe doer dog doge dogey dogy doh don done dong donor door dor dore dory doxy doyen dreg drey drone drongo dry dye dyer dyne ed edgy edh ego eh en end eng eon er erg ergo ern eryngo ex exon eyry ged gen genro gey go god goer gone goner goo good goody gooey goon gooney goony gor gore gored gorhen gory gox goy grey grody groyne gyre gyred gyro gyron he hedgy hen henry her herd hern hero heron hex hey hg ho hod hoe hoed hoer hog hon hone honed honer honey hong honor honored hood hoody hooey horde horn horned horny hoy hoyden hr hydro hydrogen hydroxy ne negro neo nerd nerdy ng no nod node nog noh noo noodge nor od ode odeon odor oe ogre oh ohed oho on one onery onyx oogeny ooh oohed or ordo ore oreo orgone orgy orogeny oryx ox oxen oxo oxy oxygen oy oyer re red redo redon redox reg rend rex rho rod rode rodeo roe rondo roneo rood rye rynd ye yeh yen yo yod yodh yogh yon yond yonder yore yr

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