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The meaning of the word ozonosphere, the definition of Ozonosphere:

noun.object - a layer in the stratosphere (at approximately 20 miles) that contains a concentration of ozone sufficient to block most ultraviolet radiation from the sun

The word "ozonosphere" uses 11 letters: E E H N O O O P R S Z

No direct anagrams for ozonosphere found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after ozonosphere, or to ozonosphere in any order:

s - ozonospheres  

Shorter words found within ozonosphere:

eh en ens eon eons ephor ephors epos er ere ern erne ernes erns eros erose ers es he hen hens hep her here hereon heres hern herns hero heroes heron herons heros herpes hers hes ho hoe hoer hoers hoes hon hone honer honers hones honor honoree honorees honors hons hoop hooper hoopers hoopoe hoopoes hoops hop hope hoper hopers hopes hops horn horns horse hose hosen hr ne nee neep neeps neo no noes noh noo noose nooser noosphere nope nor nos nose nosh nosher oe oes oh oho ohs on one ones ons onshore ooh oohs oops oosphere oospore ooze oozes op ope open opener openers opens operon operons operose opes ops or ore oreo ores ors orzo orzos os ose ozone ozones pe pee peen peens peer peers pees peh pehs pen penes pens peon peones peons per pereon perse person pes peso phon phone phoner phones phono phonos phons poh pone pones pons pooh poohs poon poons poor pore pores porn porno pornos porns porose pose poser posh posher pree preen preens prees prese prez prezes pro prone pros prose proso re ree rees reopen reopens rep repo repos repose reps res resh reshoe reshone rezone rezones rho rhos roe roes roneo roose rope ropes rose see seen seep seer sen sene senhor senor ser sere sh she sheen sheep sheer shoe shoer shone shoo shoon shop shore shorn sneer snoop snooper snooze snoozer snore so soh son sone soon sooner sop soph sopor sore sorn speer sphene sphere spoon spoor spore spree sr zee zees zep zero zeroes zeros zone zoner zoners zones zoo zoon zoons zoos zoospore

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