2 Definitions of Pas

The meaning of the word pas, the definition of Pas:

n. - A pace; a step, as in a dance.

n. - Right of going foremost; precedence.

The word "pas" uses 3 letters: A P S

Direct anagrams of pas:

asp sap spa

Words formed by adding one letter before or after pas, or to pas in any order:

b - baps   c - caps pacs   d - daps pads   e - apes apse pase peas spae   g - gaps gasp   h - haps hasp pash   i - pias   l - alps laps pals salp slap   m - amps maps pams samp spam   n - naps pans snap span   o - soap   p - paps   r - pars raps rasp spar   s - asps pass saps spas   t - past pats spat taps   u - upas   w - paws swap waps wasp   y - pays pyas spay yaps   z - spaz zaps  

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as pa

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