4 Definitions of Pea

The meaning of the word pea, the definition of Pea:

n. - The sliding weight on a steelyard.

n. - See Peak, n., 3.

n. - A plant, and its fruit, of the genus Pisum, of many varieties, much cultivated for food. It has a papilionaceous flower, and the pericarp is a legume, popularly called a pod.

n. - A name given, especially in the Southern States, to the seed of several leguminous plants (species of Dolichos, Cicer, Abrus, etc.) esp. those having a scar (hilum) of a different color from the rest of the seed.

The word "pea" uses 3 letters: A E P

Direct anagrams of pea:


Words formed by adding one letter before or after pea, or to pea in any order:

b - peba   c - cape pace   d - aped   g - gape page peag   h - epha heap   j - jape   k - peak   l - leap pale peal plea   n - nape neap pane pean   r - aper pare pear rape reap   s - apes apse pase peas spae   t - pate peat tape tepa   v - pave   x - apex  

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ae pa pe

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