3 Definitions of Perigone

The meaning of the word perigone, the definition of Perigone:

n. - Any organ inclosing the essential organs of a flower; a perianth.

n. - In mosses, the involucral bracts of a male flower.

n. - A sac which surrounds the generative bodies in the gonophore of a hydroid.

The word "perigone" uses 8 letters: E E G I N O P R

No direct anagrams for perigone found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after perigone, or to perigone in any order:

n - reopening   s - progenies  

Shorter words found within perigone:

eger ego en eng eon epigon epigone er ere erg ergo eringo ern erne gee gen gene genie genip genre genro gie gien gin ginep gip gipon girn giro giron go goer gone goner gor gore gorp gree green grin grip gripe groin grope ie ignore in inro ion ire iron irone ne nee neep negro neo ng nip no nog noir nope nor nori oe ogee ogre on one op ope open opener opine oping or ore orpin orpine pe pee peeing peen peer peering peg pein pen pengo peon per pereion pereon peri perigon pernio pi pie pier pig pigeon pin pine ping pinger pingo pion pioneer pirn pirog pirogen poi pone pong pongee pore poring porn pree preeing preen prig prion pro prog prone prong re ree reg region rei reign rein renig reopen rep repeg repin repine repo rig rin ring rip ripe ripen roe rope roping

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