permits is a valid word. For a definition, see the external dictionary links below.

The word "permits" uses 7 letters: E I M P R S T

Direct anagrams of permits:


Words formed by adding one letter before or after permits, or to permits in any order:

a - primates   e - emptiers   m - primmest   o - imposter   r - pretrims   s - imprests   u - imputers stumpier  

Shorter words found within permits:

em emir emirs emit emits ems er ers erst es esprit et ie imp imps ire ires is ism it item items its me mei merit merits met metis mi mir mire mires mirs mis mise miser mist mister mite miter miters mites mitre mitres ms pe per peri peris perm permit perms pert pes pest pet pets pi pie pier piers pies pis piste pit pits prest pries priest prim prime primes prims prise prism psi re rei reis rem remit remits rems rep reps res rest ret rets rim rime rimes rims rip ripe ripes ripest rips rise rite rites rpm sei semi sept ser set si sim simp simper sip sipe sir sire sit site smit smite smiter speir sperm spier spire spirem spirt spit spite sprit sprite sr sri stem step stime stipe stir stirp strep strip stripe te temp tempi temps term terms ti tie tier tiers ties time timer timers times tip tips tire tires tis tries trim trims trip tripe tripes trips

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