1 Definitions of Peso

The meaning of the word peso, the definition of Peso:

n. - A Spanish dollar; also, an Argentine, Chilian, Colombian, etc., coin, equal to from 75 cents to a dollar; also, a pound weight.

The word "peso" uses 4 letters: E O P S

Direct anagrams of peso:

epos opes pose

Words formed by adding one letter before or after peso, or to peso in any order:

a - paseo psoae   c - copes copse scope   d - dopes posed spode   h - hopes   i - poise   k - pokes spoke   l - lopes poles slope   m - mopes poems pomes   n - opens peons pones   p - pepos popes   r - pores poser prose repos ropes spore   s - pesos poses posse   t - estop pesto poets stoep stope topes   x - expos poxes   y - poesy sepoy  

Shorter words found within peso:

es oe oes op ope ops os ose pe pes so sop

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