2 Definitions of Pester

The meaning of the word pester, the definition of Pester:

v. t. - To trouble; to disturb; to annoy; to harass with petty vexations.

v. t. - To crowd together in an annoying way; to overcrowd; to infest.

The word "pester" uses 6 letters: E E P R S T

Direct anagrams of pester:

peters preset

Words formed by adding one letter before or after pester, or to pester in any order:

a - repeats retapes   c - recepts respect scepter sceptre specter spectre   e - steeper   h - threeps   i - pestier respite   l - pelters petrels respelt spelter   m - tempers   n - penster present repents serpent   p - stepper   r - prester   s - pesters presets   t - pertest petters pretest   u - reputes   w - pewters   x - experts   y - retypes  

Shorter words found within pester:

er ere ers erst es ester et pe pee peer peers pees per perse pert pes pest pet peter pets pree prees prese prest re ree rees reest rep reps res reset rest ret rete rets see seep seer sept ser sere set speer spree sr steep steer step stere strep te tee tees teres terse tree trees

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