petals is a valid word. For a definition, see the external dictionary links below.

The word "petals" uses 6 letters: A E L P S T

Direct anagrams of petals:

palest palets pastel plates pleats septal staple tepals

Words formed by adding one letter before or after petals, or to petals in any order:

a - palates   c - caplets placets   d - stapled   i - aplites paliest platies talipes   l - pallets   m - amplest   n - planets platens   o - apostle pelotas   p - lappets   r - palters persalt plaster platers psalter stapler   s - pastels staples   t - peltast   u - pulsate   z - spatzle  

Shorter words found within petals:

ae al ale ales alp alps als alt alts ape apes apse apt as asp at ate ates east eat eats el els es et eta etas la lap laps lapse las lase last lat late lats lea leap leaps leapt leas least lept lepta lest let lets pa pal pale pales palet pals pas pase past paste pat pate pates pats pe pea peal peals peas peat peats pel pelt pelts pes pest pet petal pets plat plate plats plea pleas pleat sae sal sale salep salp salt sap sat sate sea seal seat sel sepal sept septa set seta setal slap slat slate slept spa spae spale spat spate spelt splat stale steal stela step ta tae tael taels tale tales tap tape tapes taps tas te tea teal teals teas tel tela tels tepa tepal tepas tesla

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