1 Definitions of Plainchant

The meaning of the word plainchant, the definition of Plainchant:

noun.communication - a liturgical chant of the Roman Catholic Church

The word "plainchant" uses 10 letters: A A C H I L N N P T

No direct anagrams for plainchant found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after plainchant, or to plainchant in any order:

s - plainchants  

Shorter words found within plainchant:

aa aah aal acanthi act acta actin actinal ah aha ai ail ain ait aitch al ala alan alanin alant alit alp alpha alt an ana anal ani anil anna annal ant anta anti antic apian apical apt at atap cain calathi caliph can canal canna cant canthal canthi cantina cap caph capita capital caplin captain captan cat catlin catnap catnip chain chanal chant chap chapati chaplain chapt chat chi chia chin china chip chit chital ci cl clan clap clapt clip clipt clit ha hail halt hant hap haptic haptical hat hatpin hi hiatal hic hila hilt hin hint hip hit hl ic ich ictal il in inapt incant inch inhalant inn it itch la lac lah laic laich lain laith lanai lap lapin lat latch lath lathi lati li liana lich licht lin linac linn lint lip lipa lit na naan nah naiant nail nan nana nap napa natal natch nil ninth nip nipa nit nth pa pac paca pacha pact pah pail pain painch paint pal pan panic pant pat patch path patin patina pct phat phatic phi phial pht pi pia pial pian pic pica pical pin pina pinata pinch pinna pinnal pint pinta pit pita pitch pith plain plaint plait plan planch plant plantain plat platan platina pliant plica plinth ta tach tail tain taipan tala talc tali tan tannia tannic tap tapa than thin ti tic tical til tin tincal tip

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