planchettes is a valid word. For a definition, see the external dictionary links below.

The word "planchettes" uses 11 letters: A C E E H L N P S T T

No direct anagrams for planchettes found in our database.

Shorter words found within planchettes:

ace aces ache achene achenes aches acne acnes act acts ae ah al ale alec alecs alee aleph alephs ales alp alps als alt alts an ane anele aneles anes ant ante antes ants ape apes apse apt aptest as ascent ash ashen asleep asp aspect aspen at ate ates athlete athletes att can cane canes cans canst cant cantle cantles cants cap cape capelet capelets capes caph caphs caplet caplets caps case casette cash cast caste castle cat cate cates cats cattle cease cee cees cel celesta cels celt celts cense cent cental centals centas cents cep cepe cepes ceps cesta cetane cetanes cete cetes chalet chalets chant chants chap chape chapel chapels chapes chaplet chaplets chaps chapt chase chaste chasten chat chats chattel chattels cheap cheapen cheapens cheapest cheaps cheat cheats cheep cheeps chela chelae chelas chelate chelates chest cl clan clans clap claps clapt clash clasp claspt clast clean cleanest cleans cleanse cleat cleats clepe clepes clept cps ctene each ease easel east eat eaten eath eats eche eches echt eclat eclats eel eels eh el elan elans elapse elate elates elect elects elephant elephants els else en enact enacts enate enates encase encash enchase enclasp enlace enlaces ens epact epacts epha ephas es escape escheat estate et eta etape etapes etas etch etchant etchants etches eth ethane ethanes eths etna etnas ha hae haen haes haet haets hale hales halest halt halts hance hances hanse hansel hant hantle hantles hants hap haps hapten haptene haptenes haptens has haslet hasp hast haste hasten hat hate hates hats he heal heals heap heaps heat heats heel heels heeltap heeltaps help helps hen hence hens hent hents hep hepcat hepcats heptane heptanes hes hest het hets hl la lac lace laces laches lacs lah lance lances lancet lancets lane lanes lanseh lanset lap laps lapse las lase lash last lat latch latches latchet latchets late lateen lateens laten latens latent latents latest lath lathe lathee lathes laths lats latte latten lattens lattes lea leach leaches lean leanest leans leant leap leaps leapt leas lease leash least lech leches lee leech lees leet leets lenes lens lense lent lept lepta lest let letch letches lethe lethean lethes lets na naches nae nah nap nape napes naps natch nates ne neap neaps neat neatest neath neats nee neep neeps nest nestle net nets nett nettle nettles netts nth pa pac pace paces pacs pact pacts pah pal pale pales palest palet palets palette palettes pals pan pane panel panels panes pans pant pants pas pase pash past paste pastel pat patch patches pate paten patens patent patents pates path paths pats pattee patten pattens pct pe pea peace peaces peach peaches peahen peahens peal peals pean peans peas pease peasen peat peats pec pecan pecans pech pechan pechans pechs pecs pectase pectate pectates pecten pectens pee peel peels peen peens pees peh pehs pel pele peles pelt peltast peltate pelts pen penal penates pence pencel pencels penes pens pent pentacle pentacles pes peseta pest pestle pet petal petals pets pettle pettles phase phat phenate phenates pht place places placet placets plan planch planche planches planchet planchets planchette plane planes planet planets plans plant plants plash plat plate platen platens plates plats plea pleach pleaches pleas please pleat pleats plena plench plenches pschent sac sachet sae sal sale salep salp salt sane sap sat satchel sate sateen scale scalene scalp scan scant scape scat scathe scatt scena scene scent schlep sea seal seance seat sec secant sect see seel seen seep sel selah select sen senate sene seneca sent sente sepal sept septa septal septate septet set seta setae setal sett settle sh sha shale shalt shape shapen shat she shea sheal sheen sheep sheet shelta shent shlep shtetel shtetl slant slap slat slatch slate sleep sleet slept snap snatch snath snathe sneap spa space spae spahee spale span spancel spat spate spathe spean spec spectate speech speel spelean spelt spence spent sphene splat spleen splent stacte stale stance stanch stane staph staple stat state steal stealth steel steep stela stelae stele stench stent step stet sthene ta tace taces tacet tach tache taches tachs tact tacts tae tael taels talc talcs tale talent talents tales tan tans tap tape tapes taps tas taste tat tate tates tats te tea teach teaches teal teals teas tease teasel teasle teat teats tec tech tecta tectal tee teel teels teen teens tees teeth tel tela telae tele telecast telepath telepaths teles telnet telnets tels ten tenace tenaces tench tenches tenet tenets tens tense tent tentacle tentacles tenth tenths tents tepa tepal tepals tepas tesla test testa testae tet teth teths tets thae than thane thanes that the theca thecae thecal thecate thee then thenal thence thens these theta thetas

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