9 Definitions of Plane

The meaning of the word plane, the definition of Plane:

n. - Any tree of the genus Platanus.

a. - Without elevations or depressions; even; level; flat; lying in, or constituting, a plane; as, a plane surface.

a. - A surface, real or imaginary, in which, if any two points are taken, the straight line which joins them lies wholly in that surface; or a surface, any section of which by a like surface is a straight line; a surface without curvature.

a. - An ideal surface, conceived as coinciding with, or containing, some designated astronomical line, circle, or other curve; as, the plane of an orbit; the plane of the ecliptic, or of the equator.

a. - A block or plate having a perfectly flat surface, used as a standard of flatness; a surface plate.

a. - A tool for smoothing boards or other surfaces of wood, for forming moldings, etc. It consists of a smooth-soled stock, usually of wood, from the under side or face of which projects slightly the steel cutting edge of a chisel, called the iron, which inclines backward, with an apperture in front for the escape of shavings; as, the jack plane; the smoothing plane; the molding plane, etc.

a. - To make smooth; to level; to pare off the inequalities of the surface of, as of a board or other piece of wood, by the use of a plane; as, to plane a plank.

a. - To efface or remove.

a. - Figuratively, to make plain or smooth.

The word "plane" uses 5 letters: A E L N P

Direct anagrams of plane:

panel penal plena

Words formed by adding one letter before or after plane, or to plane in any order:

a - apneal   d - planed   i - alpine penial pineal   r - planer replan   s - panels planes   t - planet platen  

Shorter words found within plane:

ae al ale alp an ane ape el elan en la lane lap lea lean leap na nae nap nape ne neap pa pal pale pan pane pe pea peal pean pel pen plan plea

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