2 Definitions of Portend

The meaning of the word portend, the definition of Portend:

v. t. - To indicate (events, misfortunes, etc.) as in future; to foreshow; to foretoken; to bode; -- now used esp. of unpropitious signs.

v. t. - To stretch out before.

The word "portend" uses 7 letters: D E N O P R T

Direct anagrams of portend:


Words formed by adding one letter before or after portend, or to portend in any order:

a - pronated   i - dipteron   s - portends protends  

Shorter words found within portend:

de den dent deport depot do doe doer don done dope doper dor dore dorp dot dote doter drone drop dropt ed en end eon er ern et ne neo nerd net netop no nod node nope nor not note noted noter od ode oe on one op ope oped open opt opted or ore ort pe ped pedro pen pend pent peon per pert pet pod poet pond ponder pone pore pored porn port ported pot pro prod prone re red redo redon redtop rend rent rep repo repot ret rod rode rodent roe rope roped rot rote te ted ten tend tenor tern to tod toe toed ton tone toned toner top tope toped toper tor tore torn trend trod trode trone trop trope

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