1 Definitions of Pterion

The meaning of the word pterion, the definition of Pterion:

noun.body - the craniometric point in the region of the sphenoid fontanelle

The word "pterion" uses 7 letters: E I N O P R T

Direct anagrams of pterion:

pointer protein repoint tropine

Words formed by adding one letter before or after pterion, or to pterion in any order:

a - atropine   c - entropic inceptor   d - dipteron   i - pointier   l - pointrel terpinol   m - orpiment   s - pointers porniest proteins tropines   u - eruption  

Shorter words found within pterion:

en eon er ern et ie in inept inert inro inter into intro ion ire iron irone it ne neo net netop nip nit nite niter nitre nitro no noir nope nor nori norite not note noter oe on one op ope open opine opt or ore orient orpin orpine ort pe pein pen pent peon per peri pernio pert pet pi pie pier pin pine pinot pint pinto pion pirn pit piton poet poi point pointe pone pore porn port pot print prion pro prone protei pterin re rei rein rent rep repin repo repot ret rin riot rip ripe ripen rite roe rope rot rote roti te ten tenor tern ti tie tier tin tine tip tire tiro to toe ton tone toner tonier top tope toper topi tor tore tori torn trine trio trip tripe trone trop trope tropin

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