9 Definitions of Purse

The meaning of the word purse, the definition of Purse:

n. - A small bag or pouch, the opening of which is made to draw together closely, used to carry money in; by extension, any receptacle for money carried on the person; a wallet; a pocketbook; a portemonnaie.

n. - Hence, a treasury; finances; as, the public purse.

n. - A sum of money offered as a prize, or collected as a present; as, to win the purse; to make up a purse.

n. - A specific sum of money

n. - In Turkey, the sum of 500 piasters.

n. - In Persia, the sum of 50 tomans.

v. t. - To put into a purse.

v. t. - To draw up or contract into folds or wrinkles, like the mouth of a purse; to pucker; to knit.

v. i. - To steal purses; to rob.

The word "purse" uses 5 letters: E P R S U

Direct anagrams of purse:

sprue super

Words formed by adding one letter before or after purse, or to purse in any order:

a - pareus pauser   b - superb   c - spruce   d - drupes dupers perdus prudes pursed   e - peruse purees rupees   g - purges spurge   h - pusher   i - uprise   l - pulers pulser   n - prunes   o - poseur uprose   p - supper uppers   r - purser   s - purses sprues supers   t - erupts purest   u - pursue  

Shorter words found within purse:

er ers es pe per pes pur pure purs pus re rep reps res rue rues ruse ser spue spur sr sue suer sup supe sure up ups us use user

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