8 Definitions of Real

The meaning of the word real, the definition of Real:

n. - A small Spanish silver coin; also, a denomination of money of account, formerly the unit of the Spanish monetary system.

n. - A realist.

a. - Royal; regal; kingly.

a. - Actually being or existing; not fictitious or imaginary; as, a description of real life.

a. - True; genuine; not artificial, counterfeit, or factitious; often opposed to ostensible; as, the real reason; real Madeira wine; real ginger.

a. - Relating to things, not to persons.

a. - Having an assignable arithmetical or numerical value or meaning; not imaginary.

a. - Pertaining to things fixed, permanent, or immovable, as to lands and tenements; as, real property, in distinction from personal or movable property.

The word "real" uses 4 letters: A E L R

Direct anagrams of real:

earl lear rale

Words formed by adding one letter before or after real, or to real in any order:

a - areal   b - abler baler blare blear   c - carle clear lacer   d - alder lader   e - laree   f - farle feral flare   g - argle glare lager large regal   h - haler   i - ariel   k - laker   m - lamer realm   n - learn renal   p - paler parle pearl   s - arles earls lares laser lears rales reals seral   t - alert alter artel later ratel taler   u - ureal   v - laver ravel velar   w - waler   x - laxer relax   y - early layer leary relay  

Shorter words found within real:

ae al ale ar are ear el er era la lar lea re

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