rejuvenating is a valid word. For a definition, see the external dictionary links below.

The word "rejuvenating" uses 12 letters: A E E G I J N N R T U V

No direct anagrams for rejuvenating found in our database.

Shorter words found within rejuvenating:

ae aegir aerie ag age agee agene agent agentive ager agin aginner agree ague ai aigret ain air airgun airn airt ait aiver ajee an ane anent aneurin anger anguine ani ant ante anteing anti antigen antigene antigun anting antre ar are arenite arete argent argentine argue art arui at ate auger augite aunt auntie aurei ave avenge avenger aventurine avenue aver avert averting eager eagre ear earing earn earning eat eaten eater eating eau eave eger egret en enate enervating eng engine engirt engrain engrave ennui enrage enter entera entering entia entire entrain enure enuring envier er era ere erg ergate ergative ern erne et eta etna etui eugenia eve even evening event ever evert everting evite gae gaen gain gainer gait gaiter gan gane ganev gannet gar gari garnet garni gat gate gaun gaunt gaunter gaur gave gean gear gee gen gene genera genet geneva genie geniture genre gent gentian genu genua genuine gerent get geta giant gie gien gin ginner girn girt git give given giver gnar gnat gnu grain gran granite grannie grant grantee grat grate gratin gratine gratinee grave graven great greaten greave gree green greet grievant grieve grin grit grivet grue grunt guan guanin guanine guar guinea guitar gun gunite gunner gurnet gut guv ie in inane inaner inert inga ingate ingenue ingrate inguen injure inn innate inner innervate innerve integer inter interage intern interne inturn inure inurn invar invent inventer invert ira irate ire it iv iva jaeger jag jager jane jar jati jaunt jauntier jaunting jean jee jeeing jeer jeering jennet jet jete jeu jig jin jinn jinnee jive jiver jug juga jugate jun junta jura jurant jurat jut jute na nae naevi nag nagi naive naiver naivete nan narine native nature nave ne near nearing neat neaten neater nee negate negater negative nene nerita nervate nerve nervine nerving net neurine neuter neutering neve never nevi ng nieve nigra nine niner ninja nit nite niter nitre nu nun nut nutria rag rage ragee ragi rain raj ran ranee rang range rani rant ranting rat rate ratine rating rave raven ravening ravin ravine raving re reagent reagin reave reaving ree reeving reg regain regave regent regina reginae regive regiven regna regnant rei reign rein reinvent reive rejig renig renin rennet rent rente renting ret retag retain rete retia retie retina retinae retine retinue retune retuning reunite rev revenant revet revue ria riant rig rin ring ringent rite rivage rive riven rivet rue rug ruga rugae rugate ruin ruinate ruing run rune rung runt rut rutin ta tae tag tain taj tan tang tangerine tangier tanner tar tare targe taring tarn tau taurine tav tavern te tea tear tearing tee teeing teen teg tegua teju ten tenge tenia teniae tenner tenure terai terga tern terne ti tie tier tiger tin tine tinea ting tinge tinner tire tragi train trainee trave tree treeing treen triage triene trig trine triune true trueing trug truing tug tui tun tuna tune tuner tung tuning tunnage tureen turn turning tv un unai uneager uneaten uneven ungirt unit unitage unite uniter unnerve unreeving unrent unrig untie untier uraei uranite urate urea urge urgent urinate urine urn ut uta uteri uterine uvea vagi vague vaguer vain vainer vair van vane vang vanner var vat vatu vau vaunt vaunter vauntie vaunting veau vee veena veer veering veg vegan vegie vein veiner vena venae venerating venetian venge venin venine venire vent ventage venter venting venture venturi venturing venue vera verge verite vert vertu vet veteran vi via vie vier vig viga vina vine vinegar vintage vintager vintner virga virgate virtu virtue vita vitae vug

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