7 Definitions of Resent

The meaning of the word resent, the definition of Resent:

v. t. - To be sensible of; to feel

v. t. - In a good sense, to take well; to receive with satisfaction.

v. t. - In a bad sense, to take ill; to consider as an injury or affront; to be indignant at.

v. t. - To express or exhibit displeasure or indignation at, as by words or acts.

v. t. - To recognize; to perceive, especially as if by smelling; -- associated in meaning with sent, the older spelling of scent to smell. See Resent, v. i.

v. i. - To feel resentment.

v. i. - To give forth an odor; to smell; to savor.

The word "resent" uses 6 letters: E E N R S T

Direct anagrams of resent:

enters nester renest rentes tenser ternes treens

Words formed by adding one letter before or after resent, or to resent in any order:

a - earnest eastern nearest   c - centers centres tenrecs   d - tenders   e - entrees retenes teeners   g - gerents regents   i - entires entries retines trienes   l - nestler relents   n - rennets tenners   o - estrone   p - penster present repents serpent   r - renters sterner   s - nesters renests resents   t - netters tenters   u - neuters retunes tenures tureens   v - venters   w - western   x - externs   y - styrene yestern  

Shorter words found within resent:

en ens enter er ere ern erne ernes erns ers erst es ester et ne nee nerts nest net nets re ree rees reest rent rente rents res reset rest ret rete rets see seen seer sen sene sent sente ser sere set sneer sr steer stere stern te tee teen teens tees ten tens tense teres tern terne terns terse tree treen trees

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