1 Definitions of Reverberative

The meaning of the word reverberative, the definition of Reverberative:

a. - Of the nature of reverberation; tending to reverberate; reflective.

The word "reverberative" uses 13 letters: A B E E E E I R R R T V V

No direct anagrams for reverberative found in our database.

Shorter words found within reverberative:

ab abet abri ae aerie aerier ai air airer airt ait aiver ar arb arbiter are arere arete arrive arriver art artier at ate ave aver avert ba bait baiter bar bare barer barite barre barret barrier barter barterer bat bate be bear bearer beat beater beaver bee beer beerier beet berate bereave bereaver beret bet beta bi bier birr bit bite biter bra brae brat brave braver bravi bree breve brevet brevier briar brie brier brit brr brrr ear eat eater eave eerie eerier er era ere err et eta eve ever evert evite ie ira irate irater ire it iv iva rare rarebit rarer rat rate rater rave raver rbi re rear rearer reave reaver reb rebait rebar rebate rebater ree reeve rei reive reiver ret rete retear retia retie retire retiree retirer retrieve retriever rev reverb reverberate revere reverer reverie revert reverter revet revive reviver ria rib riever rite rive river rivet riveter ta tab taber tabi tae tar tare tarre tarrier tav te tea tear tearer tearier tee terai terbia terra terrae terrier ti tie tier tire trave tree tribe trier tv vair var varier varve vat vav vee veer vera verb verier verite vert vertebra vertebrae verve vervet vet vetiver vi via vibe vibrate vie vier vita vitae viva vive

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