11 Definitions of Rouse

The meaning of the word rouse, the definition of Rouse:

n. - A bumper in honor of a toast or health.

n. - A carousal; a festival; a drinking frolic.

v. i. & t. - To pull or haul strongly and all together, as upon a rope, without the assistance of mechanical appliances.

v. - To cause to start from a covert or lurking place; as, to rouse a deer or other animal of the chase.

v. - To wake from sleep or repose; as, to rouse one early or suddenly.

v. - To excite to lively thought or action from a state of idleness, languor, stupidity, or indifference; as, to rouse the faculties, passions, or emotions.

v. - To put in motion; to stir up; to agitate.

v. - To raise; to make erect.

v. i. - To get or start up; to rise.

v. i. - To awake from sleep or repose.

v. i. - To be exited to thought or action from a state of indolence or inattention.

The word "rouse" uses 5 letters: E O R S U

Direct anagrams of rouse:

euros roues

Words formed by adding one letter before or after rouse, or to rouse in any order:

a - arouse   b - bourse   c - cerous course crouse source   d - douser roused soured uredos   g - erugos grouse rogues rouges rugose   h - houser   m - mouser   n - rouens   p - poseur uprose   q - roques   r - rouser sourer   s - rouses serous   t - ouster outers routes souter stoure  

Shorter words found within rouse:

er eros ers es euro oe oes or ore ores ors os ose our ours re res roe roes rose roue rue rues ruse ser so sore sou sour sr sue suer sure us use user

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