2 Definitions of Sat

The meaning of the word sat, the definition of Sat:

imp. - of Sit

p. p. - of Sit

The word "sat" uses 3 letters: A S T

Direct anagrams of sat:


Words formed by adding one letter before or after sat, or to sat in any order:

b - bast bats stab tabs   c - acts cast cats scat   d - tads   e - ates east eats etas sate seat seta teas   f - fast fats   g - gast gats stag tags   h - hast hats shat   i - aits sati   k - kats skat task   l - alts last lats salt slat   m - mast mats tams   n - ants tans   o - oast oats stoa taos   p - past pats spat taps   q - qats   r - arts rats star tars tsar   s - tass   t - stat tats   u - taus utas   v - tavs vast vats   w - staw swat taws twas wast wats   y - stay  

Shorter words found within sat:

as at ta

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