10 Definitions of Seed

The meaning of the word seed, the definition of Seed:

n. - A ripened ovule, consisting of an embryo with one or more integuments, or coverings; as, an apple seed; a currant seed. By germination it produces a new plant.

n. - Any small seedlike fruit, though it may consist of a pericarp, or even a calyx, as well as the seed proper; as, parsnip seed; thistle seed.

n. - The generative fluid of the male; semen; sperm; -- not used in the plural.

n. - That from which anything springs; first principle; original; source; as, the seeds of virtue or vice.

n. - The principle of production.

n. - Progeny; offspring; children; descendants; as, the seed of Abraham; the seed of David.

n. - Race; generation; birth.

pl. - of Seed

v. t. - To sprinkle with seed; to plant seeds in; to sow; as, to seed a field.

v. t. - To cover thinly with something scattered; to ornament with seedlike decorations.

The word "seed" uses 4 letters: D E E S

Direct anagrams of seed:


Words formed by adding one letter before or after seed, or to seed in any order:

a - aedes eased   c - cedes   d - deeds   f - feeds   g - edges sedge   h - heeds   k - dekes skeed   l - deles   m - deems demes meeds   n - denes dense needs   p - deeps pedes speed   r - deers drees redes reeds seder sered   s - seeds   t - deets steed   u - suede   w - sewed swede weeds   x - desex dexes sexed   y - seedy  

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de dee ed eds es see

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