3 Definitions of Sere

The meaning of the word sere, the definition of Sere:

n. - Claw; talon.

a. - Dry; withered. Same as Sear.

a. - [OE. seer, AS. sear (assumed) fr. searian to wither; akin to D. zoor dry, LG. soor, OHG. sor/n to to wither, Gr. a"y`ein to parch, to dry, Skr. /ush (for sush) to dry, to wither, Zend hush to dry.

The word "sere" uses 4 letters: E E R S

Direct anagrams of sere:

rees seer

Words formed by adding one letter before or after sere, or to sere in any order:

a - erase saree   b - beers brees   c - ceres scree   d - deers drees redes reeds seder sered   e - resee   f - feres frees reefs   g - egers grees reges serge   h - heres sheer   i - siree   j - jeers   k - esker reeks   l - leers reels   m - meres   n - ernes sneer   o - erose   p - peers perse prees prese speer spree   r - serer   s - erses seers seres   t - ester reest reset steer stere teres terse trees   u - reuse   v - serve sever veers verse   w - ewers resew sewer sweer   x - rexes   y - eyers eyres  

Shorter words found within sere:

er ere ers es re ree res see ser sr

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