3 Definitions of Seta

The meaning of the word seta, the definition of Seta:

n. - Any slender, more or less rigid, bristlelike organ or part; as the hairs of a caterpillar, the slender spines of a crustacean, the hairlike processes of a protozoan, the bristles or stiff hairs on the leaves of some plants, or the pedicel of the capsule of a moss.

n. - One of the movable chitinous spines or hooks of an annelid. They usually arise in clusters from muscular capsules, and are used in locomotion and for defense. They are very diverse in form.

n. - One of the spinelike feathers at the base of the bill of certain birds.

The word "seta" uses 4 letters: A E S T

Direct anagrams of seta:

ates east eats etas sate seat teas

Words formed by adding one letter before or after seta, or to seta in any order:

b - abets baste bates beast beats betas tabes   c - caste cates cesta taces   d - dates sated stade stead tsade   e - setae tease   f - fates feast feats fetas   g - gates getas stage   h - haets haste hates heats   j - tajes   k - skate stake steak takes teaks   l - least setal slate stale steal stela taels tales teals tesla   m - mates meats satem steam tames teams   n - antes etnas nates neats stane   o - stoae toeas   p - paste pates peats septa spate tapes tepas   r - aster rates stare tares tears teras   s - asset easts sates seats tasse   t - state taste tates teats testa   u - saute   v - stave vesta   w - sweat tawse twaes waste   x - taxes texas   y - yeast   z - zetas  

Shorter words found within seta:

ae as at ate eat es et eta sae sat sea set ta tae tas te tea

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