5 Definitions of Shore

The meaning of the word shore, the definition of Shore:

n. - A sewer.

n. - A prop, as a timber, placed as a brace or support against the side of a building or other structure; a prop placed beneath anything, as a beam, to prevent it from sinking or sagging.

v. t. - To support by a shore or shores; to prop; -- usually with up; as, to shore up a building.

v. t. - The coast or land adjacent to a large body of water, as an ocean, lake, or large river.

v. t. - To set on shore.

The word "shore" uses 5 letters: E H O R S

Direct anagrams of shore:

heros hoers horse shoer

Words formed by adding one letter before or after shore, or to shore in any order:

a - ahorse ashore hoarse   c - chores cosher ochers ochres   d - hordes horsed reshod shored   e - heroes reshoe   i - hosier   j - josher   k - kosher   m - homers mosher   n - herons honers nosher senhor   p - ephors hopers posher   s - horses shoers shores   t - horste others reshot throes   u - houser   v - hovers shover shrove   w - reshow shower whores   y - horsey  

Shorter words found within shore:

eh er eros ers es he her hero hers hes ho hoe hoer hoes hose hr oe oes oh ohs or ore ores ors os ose re res resh rho rhos roe roes rose ser sh she shoe so soh sore sr

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