shortie is a valid word. For a definition, see the external dictionary links below.

The word "shortie" uses 7 letters: E H I O R S T

Direct anagrams of shortie:

heriots hoister

Words formed by adding one letter before or after shortie, or to shortie in any order:

a - hoariest   e - isothere theories theorise   g - ghostier   m - isotherm   n - horniest ornithes   p - trophies   r - heritors   s - hoisters horsiest shorties   t - theorist thorites   w - worthies  

Shorter words found within shortie:

eh er eros ers erst es et eth ethos eths he heir heirs heist her heriot hero heros hers hes hest het hets hi hie hies hire hires his hist hit hits ho hoe hoer hoers hoes hoise hoist horse horst horste hose hosier host hot hots hr ie ire ires is it ither its oe oes oh ohs or ore ores ors ort orts os ose osier other others re rei reis res resh reshot rest ret rets rho rhos riot riots rise rite rites roe roes rose roset rot rote rotes roti rotis rots sei ser set sh she shier shire shirt shit shite shoe shoer shore short shot shote shri si sir sire sit site sith so soh sore sori sort sortie sot soth sr sri stir store te the their theirs thio thir this tho those thro throe throes ti tie tier tiers ties tire tires tiro tiros tis to toe toes tor tore tores tori tories tors torse torsi tosh tries trio trios triose trois

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