1 Definitions of Simpered

The meaning of the word simpered, the definition of Simpered:

imp. & p. p. - of Simper

The word "simpered" uses 8 letters: D E E I M P R S

Direct anagrams of simpered:

demireps epiderms impeders premised

Words formed by adding one letter before or after simpered, or to simpered in any order:

c - premedics   i - epidermis   o - reimposed   r - periderms   s - impressed   t - distemper  

Shorter words found within simpered:

de dee deem deems deep deeps deer deers dees deism deme demes demies demirep demise deperm deperms dere derm dermis derms desire die dies dim dime dimer dimers dimes dims dip dips dire dis disme dm dree drees dries drip drips ed eds eide eider eiders em eme emes emir emirs empire empires emprise ems epiderm epimer epimers er ere ers es espied id idem ides ids ie imp imped impede impeder impedes imprese imps ire ired ires is ism me med meed meeds mei merde merdes mere meres mi mid mids mir mire mired mires mirs mis mise miser ms pe ped pedes peds pee peed peer peers pees peise peised per perdie peri peris perm permed perms perse pes pi pie pied pier piers pies pis pree preed prees premed premeds premie premies premise prese preside pride prides pried pries prim prime primed primes prims prise prised prism psi re red rede redes redip redips reds ree reed reeds rees rei reis rem remise remised rems rep reps res resid reside rid ride rides rids rim rime rimed rimes rims rip ripe riped ripes rips rise rpm seder see seed seem seep seer sei seme semi sempre ser sere sered si side sim simp simper sip sipe siped sir sire sired siree sped speed speer speir speired sperm spider spied spier spiered spire spired spirem spireme spree sr sri

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