1 Definitions of Smiter

The meaning of the word smiter, the definition of Smiter:

n. - One who smites.

The word "smiter" uses 6 letters: E I M R S T

Direct anagrams of smiter:

merits mister miters mitres remits timers

Words formed by adding one letter before or after smiter, or to smiter in any order:

a - imarets maestri misrate smartie   b - timbers timbres   c - metrics   e - metiers reemits retimes triseme   f - firmest   h - hermits mithers   i - miriest mistier rimiest   k - mirkest   l - milters   m - misterm   n - minster minters remints   o - erotism moister mortise trisome   p - imprest permits   r - retrims trimers   s - misters smiters   t - metrist   u - mustier  

Shorter words found within smiter:

em emir emirs emit emits ems er ers erst es et ie ire ires is ism it item items its me mei merit met metis mi mir mire mires mirs mis mise miser mist mite miter mites mitre ms re rei reis rem remit rems res rest ret rets rim rime rimes rims rise rite rites sei semi ser set si sim sir sire sit site smit smite sr sri stem stime stir te term terms ti tie tier tiers ties time timer times tire tires tis tries trim trims

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