5 Definitions of Sot

The meaning of the word sot, the definition of Sot:

n. - A stupid person; a blockhead; a dull fellow; a dolt.

n. - A person stupefied by excessive drinking; an habitual drunkard.

a. - Sottish; foolish; stupid; dull.

v. t. - To stupefy; to infatuate; to besot.

v. i. - To tipple to stupidity.

The word "sot" uses 3 letters: O S T

No direct anagrams for sot found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after sot, or to sot in any order:

a - oast oats stoa taos   b - bots stob   c - cost cots scot   d - dost dots tods   e - toes   f - soft   g - togs   h - host hots shot soth tosh   j - jots   l - lost lots slot   m - most mots toms   n - snot tons   o - oots soot   p - opts post pots spot stop tops   r - orts rots sort tors   s - sots toss   t - tost tots   u - oust outs   w - stow swot tows twos wost wots   y - toys  

Shorter words found within sot:

os so to

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