1 Definitions of Spae

The meaning of the word spae, the definition of Spae:

v. i. - To foretell; to divine.

The word "spae" uses 4 letters: A E P S

Direct anagrams of spae:

apes apse pase peas

Words formed by adding one letter before or after spae, or to spae in any order:

c - capes paces scape space   d - spade spaed   e - pease   g - gapes pages peags   h - ephas heaps phase shape   i - paise sepia   j - japes   k - peaks spake speak   l - lapse leaps pales peals pleas salep sepal spale   n - aspen napes neaps panes peans sneap spean   o - paseo psoae   r - apers apres asper pares parse pears prase presa rapes reaps spare spear   s - apses pases passe spaes   t - paste pates peats septa spate tapes tepas   u - pause   v - paves   x - paxes  

Shorter words found within spae:

ae ape as asp es pa pas pe pea pes sae sap sea spa

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