5 Definitions of Spite

The meaning of the word spite, the definition of Spite:

n. - Ill-will or hatred toward another, accompanied with the disposition to irritate, annoy, or thwart; petty malice; grudge; rancor; despite.

n. - Vexation; chargrin; mortification.

v. t. - To be angry at; to hate.

v. t. - To treat maliciously; to try to injure or thwart.

v. t. - To fill with spite; to offend; to vex.

The word "spite" uses 5 letters: E I P S T

Direct anagrams of spite:

piste stipe

Words formed by adding one letter before or after spite, or to spite in any order:

a - pastie petsai pietas   c - septic   d - spited stiped   i - pities   l - stipel   n - instep spinet   o - potsie sopite   p - pipets sippet   r - esprit priest ripest sprite stripe tripes   s - pestis pistes spites stipes   w - pewits  

Shorter words found within spite:

es et ie is it its pe pes pest pet pets pi pie pies pis pit pits psi sei sept set si sip sipe sit site spit step te ti tie ties tip tips tis

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