9 Definitions of Steam

The meaning of the word steam, the definition of Steam:

n. - The elastic, aeriform fluid into which water is converted when heated to the boiling points; water in the state of vapor.

n. - The mist formed by condensed vapor; visible vapor; -- so called in popular usage.

n. - Any exhalation.

v. i. - To emit steam or vapor.

v. i. - To rise in vapor; to issue, or pass off, as vapor.

v. i. - To move or travel by the agency of steam.

v. i. - To generate steam; as, the boiler steams well.

v. t. - To exhale.

v. t. - To expose to the action of steam; to apply steam to for softening, dressing, or preparing; as, to steam wood; to steamcloth; to steam food, etc.

The word "steam" uses 5 letters: A E M S T

Direct anagrams of steam:

mates meats satem tames teams

Words formed by adding one letter before or after steam, or to steam in any order:

d - demast masted   g - gamest   i - misate miseat samite   j - jetsam   l - lamest metals samlet   m - stemma   n - aments mantes stamen   r - armets master maters matres ramets stream tamers   s - steams   t - mattes tamest   u - meatus mutase   y - mateys mayest steamy  

Shorter words found within steam:

ae am as at ate ates atm east eat eats em ems es et eta etas ma mae maes mas mast mat mate mats me meat mesa met meta ms sae same sat sate sea seam seat set seta stem ta tae tam tame tams tas te tea team teas

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