18 Definitions of Stem

The meaning of the word stem, the definition of Stem:

n. - Alt. of Steem

n. - The principal body of a tree, shrub, or plant, of any kind; the main stock; the part which supports the branches or the head or top.

n. - A little branch which connects a fruit, flower, or leaf with a main branch; a peduncle, pedicel, or petiole; as, the stem of an apple or a cherry.

n. - The stock of a family; a race or generation of progenitors.

n. - A branch of a family.

n. - A curved piece of timber to which the two sides of a ship are united at the fore end. The lower end of it is scarfed to the keel, and the bowsprit rests upon its upper end. Hence, the forward part of a vessel; the bow.

n. - Fig.: An advanced or leading position; the lookout.

n. - Anything resembling a stem or stalk; as, the stem of a tobacco pipe; the stem of a watch case, or that part to which the ring, by which it is suspended, is attached.

n. - That part of a plant which bears leaves, or rudiments of leaves, whether rising above ground or wholly subterranean.

n. - The entire central axis of a feather.

n. - The basal portion of the body of one of the Pennatulacea, or of a gorgonian.

n. - The short perpendicular line added to the body of a note; the tail of a crotchet, quaver, semiquaver, etc.

n. - The part of an inflected word which remains unchanged (except by euphonic variations) throughout a given inflection; theme; base.

v. i. - Alt. of Steem

v. t. - To remove the stem or stems from; as, to stem cherries; to remove the stem and its appendages (ribs and veins) from; as, to stem tobacco leaves.

v. t. - To ram, as clay, into a blasting hole.

v. t. - To oppose or cut with, or as with, the stem of a vessel; to resist, or make progress against; to stop or check the flow of, as a current.

v. i. - To move forward against an obstacle, as a vessel against a current.

The word "stem" uses 4 letters: E M S T

No direct anagrams for stem found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after stem, or to stem in any order:

a - mates meats satem steam tames teams   e - meets metes teems   h - meths   i - emits items metis mites smite stime times   l - melts smelt   o - moste motes smote tomes   p - temps   r - terms   s - stems   u - mutes  

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em ems es et me met ms set te

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