12 Definitions of Stream

The meaning of the word stream, the definition of Stream:

n. - A current of water or other fluid; a liquid flowing continuously in a line or course, either on the earth, as a river, brook, etc., or from a vessel, reservoir, or fountain; specifically, any course of running water; as, many streams are blended in the Mississippi; gas and steam came from the earth in streams; a stream of molten lead from a furnace; a stream of lava from a volcano.

n. - A beam or ray of light.

n. - Anything issuing or moving with continued succession of parts; as, a stream of words; a stream of sand.

n. - A continued current or course; as, a stream of weather.

n. - Current; drift; tendency; series of tending or moving causes; as, the stream of opinions or manners.

v. i. - To issue or flow in a stream; to flow freely or in a current, as a fluid or whatever is likened to fluids; as, tears streamed from her eyes.

v. i. - To pour out, or emit, a stream or streams.

v. i. - To issue in a stream of light; to radiate.

v. i. - To extend; to stretch out with a wavy motion; to float in the wind; as, a flag streams in the wind.

v. t. - To send forth in a current or stream; to cause to flow; to pour; as, his eyes streamed tears.

v. t. - To mark with colors or embroidery in long tracts.

v. t. - To unfurl.

The word "stream" uses 6 letters: A E M R S T

Direct anagrams of stream:

armets master maters matres ramets tamers

Words formed by adding one letter before or after stream, or to stream in any order:

d - smarted   e - remates reteams steamer   h - hamster   i - imarets maestri misrate smartie   j - ramjets   k - markets   l - armlets lamster tramels   m - stammer   n - martens sarment smarten   o - maestro   p - restamp stamper tampers   r - armrest smarter   s - masters streams   t - matters smatter   u - matures strumae   w - warmest   y - mastery streamy  

Shorter words found within stream:

ae am ar are ares arm armet arms ars arse art arts as aster at ate ates atm ear ears east eat eats em ems er era eras ers erst es et eta etas ma mae maes mar mare mares mars marse mart marts mas maser mast mat mate mater mates mats me meat meats mesa met meta ms ram ramet rams ras rase rat rate rates rats re ream reams rem rems res rest ret rets sae same sat sate satem sea seam sear seat ser sera set seta smart smear sr star stare steam stem ta tae tam tame tamer tames tams tar tare tares tars tas te tea team teams tear tears teas teras term terms tram trams tsar

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