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The meaning of the word sun, the definition of Sun:

n. - See Sunn.

n. - The luminous orb, the light of which constitutes day, and its absence night; the central body round which the earth and planets revolve, by which they are held in their orbits, and from which they receive light and heat. Its mean distance from the earth is about 92,500,000 miles, and its diameter about 860,000.

n. - Any heavenly body which forms the center of a system of orbs.

n. - The direct light or warmth of the sun; sunshine.

n. - That which resembles the sun, as in splendor or importance; any source of light, warmth, or animation.

v. t. - To expose to the sun's rays; to warm or dry in the sun; as, to sun cloth; to sun grain.

The word "sun" uses 3 letters: N S U

Direct anagrams of sun:

nus uns

Words formed by adding one letter before or after sun, or to sun in any order:

a - anus   b - buns nubs snub   d - duns   f - funs   g - gnus guns snug sung   h - huns shun   k - sunk   m - muns   n - nuns sunn   o - nous onus   p - puns spun   r - runs urns   s - suns   t - nuts stun tuns  

Shorter words found within sun:

nu un us

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