13 Definitions of Sweat

The meaning of the word sweat, the definition of Sweat:

imp. & p. p. - of Sweat

v. i. - To excrete sensible moisture from the pores of the skin; to perspire.

v. i. - Fig.: To perspire in toil; to work hard; to drudge.

v. i. - To emit moisture, as green plants in a heap.

v. t. - To cause to excrete moisture from the skin; to cause to perspire; as, his physicians attempted to sweat him by most powerful sudorifics.

v. t. - To emit or suffer to flow from the pores; to exude.

v. t. - To unite by heating, after the application of soldier.

v. t. - To get something advantageous, as money, property, or labor from (any one), by exaction or oppression; as, to sweat a spendthrift; to sweat laborers.

v. i. - The fluid which is excreted from the skin of an animal; the fluid secreted by the sudoriferous glands; a transparent, colorless, acid liquid with a peculiar odor, containing some fatty acids and mineral matter; perspiration. See Perspiration.

v. i. - The act of sweating; or the state of one who sweats; hence, labor; toil; drudgery.

v. i. - Moisture issuing from any substance; as, the sweat of hay or grain in a mow or stack.

v. i. - The sweating sickness.

v. i. - A short run by a race horse in exercise.

The word "sweat" uses 5 letters: A E S T W

Direct anagrams of sweat:

tawse twaes waste

Words formed by adding one letter before or after sweat, or to sweat in any order:

d - tawsed wadset wasted   h - swathe wheats   k - tweaks   r - rawest tawers waster waters   s - sweats tawses wastes   y - sweaty  

Shorter words found within sweat:

ae as at ate ates aw awe awes east eat eats es et eta etas sae sat sate saw sea seat set seta sew staw stew swat ta tae tas taw taws te tea teas tew tews twa twae twas wae waes was wast wat wats we west wet wets

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