6 Definitions of Tame

The meaning of the word tame, the definition of Tame:

a. - To reduce from a wild to a domestic state; to make gentle and familiar; to reclaim; to domesticate; as, to tame a wild beast.

a. - To subdue; to conquer; to repress; as, to tame the pride or passions of youth.

v. t. - To broach or enter upon; to taste, as a liquor; to divide; to distribute; to deal out.

superl. - Reduced from a state of native wildness and shyness; accustomed to man; domesticated; domestic; as, a tame deer, a tame bird.

superl. - Crushed; subdued; depressed; spiritless.

superl. - Deficient in spirit or animation; spiritless; dull; flat; insipid; as, a tame poem; tame scenery.

The word "tame" uses 4 letters: A E M T

Direct anagrams of tame:

mate meat meta team

Words formed by adding one letter before or after tame, or to tame in any order:

d - mated tamed   l - metal   n - ament meant menta   r - armet mater ramet tamer   s - mates meats satem steam tames teams   t - matte   y - etyma matey meaty  

Shorter words found within tame:

ae am at ate atm eat em et eta ma mae mat me met ta tae tam te tea

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