1 Definitions of Tenuis

The meaning of the word tenuis, the definition of Tenuis:

n. - One of the three surd mutes /, /, /; -- so called in relation to their respective middle letters, or medials, /, /, /, and their aspirates, /, /, /. The term is also applied to the corresponding letters and articulate elements in other languages.

The word "tenuis" uses 6 letters: E I N S T U

Direct anagrams of tenuis:

unites unties

Words formed by adding one letter before or after tenuis, or to tenuis in any order:

a - aunties sinuate   d - dunites   g - gunites   i - unities unitise   l - luniest luteins utensil   m - minuets minutes mistune mutines   n - tunnies   p - puniest punties   q - inquest quintes   r - nutsier triunes uniters  

Shorter words found within tenuis:

en ens es et etui etuis ie in ins inset inst is it its ne neist nest net nets nit nite nites nits nu nus nut nuts sei sen sent senti set si sin sine sit site snit stein stun sue suet suint suit suite sun te ten tens ti tie ties tin tine tines tins tis tsine tui tuis tun tune tunes tuns un unit unite units uns unset untie us use ut uts

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