1 Definitions of Teras

The meaning of the word teras, the definition of Teras:

noun.animal - (medicine) a grossly malformed and usually nonviable fetus

The word "teras" uses 5 letters: A E R S T

Direct anagrams of teras:

aster rates stare tares tears

Words formed by adding one letter before or after teras, or to teras in any order:

a - reatas   b - barest baster breast tabers   c - carets cartes caster caters crates reacts recast traces   d - daters derats stared trades treads   e - aretes easter eaters reseat seater teaser   f - afters faster strafe   g - gaster grates greats retags stager targes   h - earths haters hearts   i - airest satire striae terais   k - skater strake streak takers   l - alerts alters artels estral laster ratels salter slater staler stelar talers   m - armets master maters matres ramets stream tamers   n - antres astern sterna   o - oaters orates   p - paster paters prates repast tapers trapes   r - arrest rarest raster raters starer tarres terras   s - assert asters stares   t - stater taster taters tetras treats   u - urates   v - averts starve traves vaster   w - rawest tawers waster waters   x - extras taxers   y - estray stayer yarest   z - ersatz  

Shorter words found within teras:

ae ar are ares ars arse art arts as at ate ates ear ears east eat eats er era eras ers erst es et eta etas ras rase rat rate rats re res rest ret rets sae sat sate sea sear seat ser sera set seta sr star ta tae tar tare tars tas te tea tear teas tsar

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