4 Definitions of Trading

The meaning of the word trading, the definition of Trading:

a. - Carrying on trade or commerce; engaged in trade; as, a trading company.

a. - Frequented by traders.

a. - Venal; corrupt; jobbing; as, a trading politician.

p. pr. & vb. n. - of Trade

The word "trading" uses 7 letters: A D G I N R T

Direct anagrams of trading:


Words formed by adding one letter before or after trading, or to trading in any order:

e - derating gradient redating treading   f - drafting   l - dartling   t - dratting   u - antidrug  

Shorter words found within trading:

ad adit ag agin ai aid ain air airn airt ait an and ani ant anti ar arid art at dag dang daring darn dart dating dg dig din dinar ding dint dirt dit dita drag drain drat gad gadi gain gait gan gar gari garni gat giant gid gin gird girn girt git gnar gnat grad gradin grain gran grand grant grat gratin grid grin grind grit id in inga ira it na nadir nag nagi nard ng nigra nit rad rag ragi raid rain ran rand rang rani ranid rant rat rating ria riant rid rig rin rind ring ta tad tag tain tan tang tar taring tarn ti tin ting trad tragi train triad trig

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