1 Definitions of Transgression

The meaning of the word transgression, the definition of Transgression:

n. - The act of transgressing, or of passing over or beyond any law, civil or moral; the violation of a law or known principle of rectitude; breach of command; fault; offense; crime; sin.

The word "transgression" uses 13 letters: A E G I N N O R R S S S T

No direct anagrams for transgression found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after transgression, or to transgression in any order:

s - transgressions   t - introgressants  

Shorter words found within transgression:

ae aegir aegis aeon aeons aero ag age ageist ageists agent agents ager agers ages agin aginner aginners agio agios agist agists agnise ago agon agone agones agonies agonise agonises agonist agonistes agonists agons ai aigret aigrets ain ains air airer airers airest airn airns airs airt airts ais ait aits an ane anenst anent anes anestri anger angers anginose angrier angriest angriness angst angsts ani anion anions anis anise anises anoint anointer anointers anoints anon ant ante anteing anterior antes anti antigen antigens anting antings antis antre antres antrorse ants antsier aorist aorists ar are ares argent argents argon argons argosies argot argots ariose arise arisen arises aristo aristos aroint aroints arose arrest arresting arrests arris arrises ars arse arseno arses arsine arsines arsino arsis arson arsonist arsonists arsons art artier artiness arts artsier as ass assent assenting assentor assentors assents assert asserting assertion assertions assertor assertors asserts asses asset assets assign assigner assigners assignor assignors assigns assist assister assistor assort assorter assorters assorting assorts aster asterion astern asters astir astonies astringe astringes at ate ates atone atoner atoners atones atonies atoning ear earing earings earn earning earnings earns earring earrings ears easing east easting eastings easts eat eating eatings eats egis ego egoist egoists egos en enation enations eng engirt engrain engrains engross engs enosis ens ensign ensigns entasis entia entrain entrains eon eonian eons eosin eosins er era eras erasing erasion erasions erg ergo ergot ergots ergs eringo eringos ern erns eros err errant errants erring errs ers erst es ess essoin essoins estragon estragons estrin estrins et eta etas etna etnas gae gaen gaes gain gainer gainers gains gainst gait gaiter gaiters gaits gan gane ganister ganisters gannet gannets gannister gannisters ganoin ganoine gantries gar gari garner garners garnet garnets garni garote garotes garret garrets garrison garrisons garron garrons garrote garrotes gars garter garters gas gases gasser gassers gasses gassier gassiest gast gaster gasters gastness gastrin gastrins gasts gat gate gates gator gators gats gean gear gears gen genitor genitors genoa genoas genro genros gens gent gentian gentians gents gesso gest gests get geta getas gets giant giantess giants gie gien gies gin ginner ginners gins girn girns giro giron girons giros girt girts gist gists git gitano gitanos gits gnar gnarr gnarrs gnars gnat gnats gneiss gnoses gnosis go goa goas goat goats goer goers goes goiter goiters goitre goitres gone goner goners gonia gor gore gores gorier goriest goriness gorse gorses gorsier gorsiest gos gossan gossans got grain grainer grainers grains gran granite granites grannie grannies grans grant granter granters grantor grantors grants grass grasses grassier grassiest grat grate grater graters grates gratin gratine gratins gratis great greats grin grinner grinners grins griot griots grison grisons grist grists grit grits groan groaner groaners groans groat groats groin groins gross grosser grossers grosses grossest grot grots ie ignorant ignore ignorer ignorers ignores in inane inaner inanes inanest inerrant inert inerts inga ingate ingates ingest ingesta ingests ingot ingots ingrate ingrates ingress inn innate inner inners inns inro ins insane insaner insanest insert inserts inset insets insnare insnarer insnarers insnares inst instar instars inter intern interns interorgan inters into intone intoner intoners intones intro intron introns introrse intros ion ionate ions iota iotas ira irate irater ire ires iron irone ironer ironers irones ironness irons is it its na nae nag nagi nags nan nans naoi naos nares narine naris nasion nasions nastier nasties nastiness nates nation nations natron natrons ne near nearing nears neat neats negation negations negaton negatons negator negators negatron negatrons negro negroni negronis neist neo neon neons nerita nerts ness nest nesting nestor nestors nests net nets ng nigra nine niner nines nit nite niter niters nites niton nitons nitre nitres nitro nitrogen nitrogens nitros nits no noes noesis nog nogs noir noirs noise noises non nona nonage nonages nonart nonarts nonas none nones nonet nonets nor nori noria norias noris norite norites nos nose noses nosier nosiest nosiness nosing nosings not nota notaries notarise note noter noters notes noting oar oaring oars oases oasis oast oasts oat oaten oater oaters oats oe oes oestrin oestrins ogre ogres ogress on onager onagers onagri onanist onanists one ones ons onset onsets onstage or ora orang orange oranges orangier orangiest orangs orate orates orating oratress ore ores organ organise organiser organisers organises organist organists organs orgeat orgeats orgies orient orients origan origans ornate ornis orra orris orrises ors ort orts os osar ose oses osier osiers ossa ossein osseins ossia ostia rag rage rages ragi ragis rags rain rains raise raiser raisers raises raisonne ran rang range ranger rangers ranges rangier rangiest ranginess rani ranis rant ranter ranters ranting rants rare rares rarest raring ras rase raser rasers rases rasing raster rasters rat rate rater raters rates ratine ratines rating ratings ratio ration rations ratios rato ratos rats re reagin reagins reanoint reanoints rear rearing rears reason reasoning reasonings reasons reassign reassigns reassort reassorting reassorts reg regain regains regina reginas region regions regna regnant regrant regrants regs rei reign reigns rein reins reis renig renigs renin renins rent renting rents reran rerig rerigs res resign resigns resin resins resist resistor resistors resists resonant resonants resonating resort resorting resorts rest resting restoring restrain restrains restring restrings rests ret retag retags retain retains retia retina retinas retorn retrain retrains retro retros rets retsina retsinas ria riant rias rig rigor rigors rigs rin ring ringent ringer ringers rings ringtoss ringtosses rins rinse rinser rinsers rinses riot rioter rioters riots rise risen riser risers rises rite rites roan roans roar roaring roarings roars roast roaster roasters roasting roasts roe roes roger rogers roister roisters rontgen rontgens rosaries rose roses roset rosets rosier rosiest rosin rosiness rosing rosins rosita roster rosters rostra rot rota rotaries rotas rote rotes roti rotis rots sae sag sage sager sages sagest sagier sagiest sago sagos sags sain sains saint saints sane saner sanes sanest sang sanger sangers sanies saning sans sansei sanseis santir santirs santo santos sarge sarges sari sarin sarins saris sarong sarongs saros saroses sarsen sarsens sartor sartors sasin sasins sass sassier sassing sat sate sates sati satin sating satins satire satires satis satori satoris sea seagirt sear searing sears seas season seasoning seasonings seasons seat seating seatings seats seg segni segno segnos sego segos segs sei seis seisor seisors sen senator senators sengi senior seniors senna sennas sennit sennits senor senora senoras senorita senoritas senors sens sensa sensating sensation sensations sensing sensor sensoria sensors sent senti ser sera serai serais serin sering seringa seringas serins serosa serosas serrano serranos serrating serration serrations sers sess session sestina sestinas set seta seton setons sets si sienna siennas sierra sierran sierras siesta siestas sign signer signers signet signets signor signora signoras signore signors signs sin sine sines sing singe singer singers singes sings sinner sinners sins sinter sinters sir sire siren sirens sires sirra sirras sirs sis sise sises siss sister sisters sistra sit sitar sitars site sites sits snag snags snare snarer snarers snares snaring snit snits snog snogs snore snorer snorers snores snoring snort snorter snorters snorting snorts snot snots so soar soarer soarers soaring soarings soars soigne son sonant sonants sonar sonars sonatine sone sones song songs songster songsters sonnet sonnets sonnies sons sonsie sonsier sonsiest sora soras sore sorer sores sorest sori soring sorings sorites sorn sorner sorners sorning sorns sorriest sorriness sort sorter sorters sortie sorties sorting sorts sos sot sots sr sri sris stag stage stager stagers stages stagier staginess stags staig staigs stain stainer stainers stains stair stairs stane stanes stang stangs stanine stanines staning star stare starer starers stares staring starnose starnoses starring stars stases stasis stearin stearins stein steins steno stenos stenosis stern sterna sterns sternson sternsons sties sting stinger stingers stingo stingos stings stir stirs stoa stoae stoai stoas stogie stogies stone stoner stoners stones stonier stoniness stoning storage storages store stores stories storing stoss strain strainer strainers strains strang strange stranger strangers strass stress stressing stressor stria striae strigose string stringer stringers strings strong stronger ta tae tag tags tain tains tan tang tangier tanginess tango tangor tangos tangs tanner tanners tans tansies tao taos tar tare tares targe targes taring tarn tarns taro taros tarre tarres tarries tarring tars tarsi tarsier tarsiers tas tass tasse tasses tassie tassies te tea tear tearing tears teas teasing teg tegs ten tenia tenias tennis tenno tenon tenons tenor tenors tens tensing tension tensions tensor tensors terai terais teras terga tern ternion ternions terns terra terrain terrains terras ti tie tier tiers ties tiger tigers tigon tigons tigress tin tine tinea tineas tines ting tinge tinges tings tinner tinners tins tire tires tiro tiros tis tisane tisanes to toe toea toeas toeing toes tog toga togae togas togs ton tone toner toners tones tong tonga tongas tonger tongers tongs tonier toning tonnage tonnages tonne tonner tonners tonnes tons tor tora toras tore tores tori tories torn torr tors torse torses torsi toss tosser tossers tosses tossing tragi train trainer trainers trains trans transgress trass trasses treason treasons tress triage triages triens trier triers tries trig trigness trigo trigon trigons trigos trigs trine trines trio trios triose trioses trois trona tronas trone trones tsar tsars tsine tsores tsoris tsorriss

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