1 Definitions of Triose

The meaning of the word triose, the definition of Triose:

noun.substance - any monosaccharide sugar containing three atoms of carbon per molecule

The word "triose" uses 6 letters: E I O R S T

Direct anagrams of triose:

sortie tories

Words formed by adding one letter before or after triose, or to triose in any order:

b - orbiest   c - erotics   d - editors sortied steroid storied triodes   f - forties   g - goiters goitres goriest   h - heriots hoister shortie   l - estriol loiters toilers   m - erotism moister mortise trisome   n - norites oestrin orients stonier   o - sootier   p - prostie reposit riposte ropiest   r - rioters roister   s - rosiest sorites sorties stories trioses   u - stourie  

Shorter words found within triose:

er eros ers erst es et ie ire ires is it its oe oes or ore ores ors ort orts os ose osier re rei reis res rest ret rets riot riots rise rite rites roe roes rose roset rot rote rotes roti rotis rots sei ser set si sir sire sit site so sore sori sort sot sr sri stir store te ti tie tier tiers ties tire tires tiro tiros tis to toe toes tor tore tores tori tors torse torsi tries trio trios trois

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