2 Definitions of Tripos

The meaning of the word tripos, the definition of Tripos:

n. - A tripod.

n. - A university examination of questionists, for honors; also, a tripos paper; one who prepares a tripos paper.

The word "tripos" uses 6 letters: I O P R S T

Direct anagrams of tripos:

prosit ripost

Words formed by adding one letter before or after tripos, or to tripos in any order:

a - airpost   b - probits   c - tropics   d - disport torpids tripods   e - prostie reposit riposte ropiest   f - profits sportif   m - imports tropism   n - tropins   p - ripstop   s - riposts   t - protist  

Shorter words found within tripos:

is it its op ops opt opts or ors ort orts os pi pis piso pit pits poi pois port ports posit post pot pots pro pros prost psi riot riots rip rips rot roti rotis rots si sip sir sit so sop sori sort sot spirt spit sport spot sprit sr sri stir stirp stop strip strop ti tip tips tiro tiros tis to top topi topis tops tor tori tors torsi trio trios trip trips trois trop

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