1 Definitions of Uncinate

The meaning of the word uncinate, the definition of Uncinate:

a. - Hooked; bent at the tip in the form of a hook; as, an uncinate process.

The word "uncinate" uses 8 letters: A C E I N N T U

No direct anagrams for uncinate found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after uncinate, or to uncinate in any order:

e - enunciate   r - runcinate uncertain  

Shorter words found within uncinate:

ace acetin acne act actin acute ae ai ain ait an ancient ane anent ani ant ante anti antic at ate aunt auntie cain can cane canine cannie cant cat cate cent centai centu ci cine cite cue cunt cut cute cutie cutin eat eau ecu en enact enatic encina ennui entia et eta etic etna etui ic ice ie in inane incant inn innate inunct it na nae nan nance ne neat net nice nine nit nite nu nuance nun nut ta tace tae tain tan tannic tau te tea tec ten tenia ti tic tie tin tine tinea tui tun tuna tune tunic tunica tunicae un unai unci uncia unciae unit unite untie ut uta

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