1 Definitions of Unicellular

The meaning of the word unicellular, the definition of Unicellular:

a. - Having, or consisting of, but a single cell; as, a unicellular organism.

The word "unicellular" uses 11 letters: A C E I L L L N R U U

No direct anagrams for unicellular found in our database.

Shorter words found within unicellular:

ace acne acre aculei ae ai ail ain air airn al ale alec alien aline aliner all allelic allice allure an ane ani anil anile anuric ar arc are areic ariel aril arui aulic aurei auric auricle cain cairn call caller can cane caner car care carl carle carlin carline carn carnie caul cauline ceil cel cell cella cellar celli cellular ceria ci cine cire cl clan clean clear clinal cline clue cran crane cruel cue cul cull culler cuneal cur cure curia curiae curial curie curl curn curule ear earl earn eau eclair ecru ecu el elain elan ell en er era erica ern ic ice ie il ilea ileac ileal ill iller in incur inlace inula inure ira ire la lac lace lacer lacier lacune laic lain lair lall lance lancer lane lar lari larine larn launce laurel lea leal lean lear learn lei leu leucin li liane liar lice lie lien lienal lier lieu lilac lin linac line lineal linear liner lira lire luau lucarne luce lucern lucre lucullan lull lulu luna lunar lune lunier lunula lunulae lunular lunule lure na nacre nae nail nailer narc naric ne near neural neurula nice nicer nil nill nu nucellar nucelli nucleal nuclear nuclei null nurl race rail rain rale ralline ran rance rani re real rec recall rei rein relic renail renal ria rial rice riel rile rill rille rin rue ruin rule run rune runic ulan ulcer ulna ulnae ulnar ulu un unai unau unci uncia unciae uncial uncle unclear uncurl unlace unreal uracil uraei uranic urea ureal ureic urial uric urinal urine urn

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