1 Definitions of Unpigmented

The meaning of the word unpigmented, the definition of Unpigmented:

adj.pert - having no pigmentation

The word "unpigmented" uses 11 letters: D E E G I M N N P T U

No direct anagrams for unpigmented found in our database.

Shorter words found within unpigmented:

de dee deem deeming deep deet degum deign deme dement dementing demit den dene dengue deni denim dent dentin dentine denting depute deputing detinue dg die diene diet dig dim dime din dine ding dinge dint dip dipnet dipt dit dite dm due duet dug dui duit dump dumping dun dune dung dunite dunnite dunt dunting dup dupe duping ed edge edit eide em eme emend emending emetin emeu eminent emit emptied emu en end ending endite endue enduing eng engine engined ennui et etude etui ged gee geed gem gen gene genet genie genip gent genu genuine get getup geum gid gie gied gien gimp gimped gin ginep ginned gip git gm gnetum gnu gude guid guide guimpe gum gun gunite gunmen gunned gut id idem ie imp imped impede impend impendent impudent impugn impugned impute imputed in indene indent indue indument inept ingenue inguen inn inned input intend it item itemed me med meed meet meeting meg mei men mend mending menu met mete meted meting mg mi mid midge midget midgut mien mig min mind mine mined minge mint minted minuend minuet minute minuted mite mu mud mug mun mung muni muntin munting mut mute muted mutine mutined muting ne nee need needing neem neep nene net neum neume ng nide nidget nim nine nip nit nite nm nu nude nudge nudie numen nun nut nutmeg pe ped pediment pee peed peeing peen peening peg pein peined pen pend pendent pending penguin penmen penne penned penni pent pet pi pie pied pig pigment pigmented pignut pin pine pined pinene pinetum ping pinged pinned pint pit pitmen piu pud pudge pug pun pundit pung pungent punned punnet punt punted punting put te ted tedium tee teed teeing teem teeming teen teg tegmen tegumen teind temp temped tempi temping ten tend tending tenge tenpin tepid ti tide tie tied time timed tin tine tined ting tinge tinged tinmen tinned tip tipu tug tui tum tumid tump tumped tumping tun tune tuned tung tuning tunned tup um ump umped umping umpteen umteen un unde undee undine unit unite united unmeet unmet unmined unpeg unpen unpent unpin untie untied untinged up upend upending uptime ut

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